Circle of Love Birth Services
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Labor Support Doula

Ruth Lawyer

Ruth Lawyer, Labor Support Doula


NYC labor support services include:


·         A prenatal visit in your New York home

·         Identification of your priorities for the birth

·         A meeting with your care provider, if desired

·         Continuous labor support at home, a New York hospital or Birth Center

·         Comfort measures in labor, positioning, relaxation and breathing support

·         Hydrotherapy (the use of hot and cold compresses) showering, and tub baths as appropriate

·         Breast feeding assistance - help with the initial latch

·         Support for VBAC births

·         A loving and caring birth support professional


Prenatal Yoga Instruction


·         Exercises in Imagery that help to unleash the creative force of the right brain to prepare the body for the birth.

·         See schoolofimages


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