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I was lucky enough to have Ruth Lawyer with me for both of my deliveries. She was kind, warm, re-assuring and an amazing presence during each of my deliveries. I did not have a VBAC with Ruth, but I had one induction and one natural birth where she caught the baby with the nurse because the mid-wife wasn't in the room when my daughter decided to come very quickly! As soon as we met Ruth, my husband and I knew we wanted her with us. She was not only a support to me, but also helped my husband keep calm in some tense moments which was important to us. If when you meet Ruth you think she is the right doula for you, trust yourself & Ruth. I highly recommend her. Best of luck!


Ruth Lawyer is one of the best VBAC doulas around as per my experience and that of many others. She came on board with me when it seemed the entire medical system was pushing me into a scheduled C-section. She was instrumental in helping me believe in myself and my body and then was tireless in her support leading up to delivery. She stood in for my spouse at delivery, provided hours of unflinching labor support and stayed until late at night after my daughter was born. In short, I never could have made it through the VBAC without her. She is one of the kindest, smartest, wisest doualas out there and is very knowledgeable regarding the NYC obstetrics system - I don't think you could do better. Best of luck with your VBAC!





Ruth was my doula in Jan 2008 when my daughter was born. She labored with me at home and even took me for a walk in Central Park in between the contractions. She was a constant, calm, supportive presence in the delivery room and stayed for a few hours after my baby arrived to make sure I was settled. I would certainly use her again.




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